Progress so far...

Travel stats so far...



Total days on the road: 189

Total distance travelled: 21,476 Miles


Hours spent in transit: 581 (24 days) (


Average speed: 1.54 mph
Countries crossed: 19

New countries explored: 13


Pictures taken: 6,457


Couchsurfings: 2


Police bribes paid: £135 (divided by 4)


McDonalds eaten: 1mcdonald breakfast (FFS!)


Budget blown: £ALL


Average daily spend: £49.6


Estimated proportion spent on beer: 24.9%


Minutes of radio recorded: 301


Karaoke attempts: 4


Animals interacted with: Horse, Ostrich, Eagle, Red Panda


Weirdest food tried: Cow's penis


Scam/violent incidents: 1


Got sick: 2 times


Estimated time spent making this site: 45hrs





*The above map shows the route i've taken so far, as far as i've managed to update this blog. Click the map to open in Google Maps.

Navigation - Use the big orange buttons below to select a trip, or scroll across the menu at the top to access my global music report (DJAlexR-FM) featuring FM radio recordings made on the road, and my own soundtrack for each country.

In July 2013, I left my professional job as a global risks analyst (and more significantly my unprofessional job as a raver and DJ) to find out more about this so called 'world' I keep hearing so much about...and gain first hand experience of the situation on the ground.


In the interests of fair, objective and unbiased research, I'll be doing (most) of this trip by myself. Also, those that know me will know I hate being in a rush, so for this reason I've been travelling entirely overland from Bristol (UK) - only cars, buses, trains, bikes, boats etc. allowed - no flying.  This allows me to properly experience places, away from city centres and tourist hotspots, and is way more interesting, surprising and challenging.

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