History on how did              dedog start

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paragraph 1


In 2004 when i was 4 years old i wanted to start a site for online games so i made a site called dede.tk


 That site did very well and because of that i upgraded it for a .com domain so it was dedegames.com But how did i get the name dede in the 1st place? 


We all know a singer called adele i like some of her songs so i removed the a & l from it and added a d so you get dede 

paragraph 2


I lost the site in 2008 because my old red moded acer pc broke from a blue screen error that coulnt be fixed 


someone bought the domain name and continued the game site i gess since its stull up and stuff is stull added 


i got a xb360 in 2011 for my birthday i needed a gamertag so 

i like the ice cream dips so i typed in dip dede as the gametag 





In 2012 gta5 got released


I met someone called Abrambmxrider in the gta 5 online lobby  


I have a dog named val and told him about the dog after words he told a joke and  called me DEDOG little did i know that name was going to be my tag for things


In 2013 someone made a false report to rockstargames that i gave random people cash drops online so they banned the account for 2 weeks 


because of that i made a new account as a temporary i named that account dedog5751 the 5751 came from a bus number i was on that day 



paragraph 3


Month or Two after i started loaning the dedog5751 account for users to play gta5 

since i didnt use that account after the 2 weeks 




2014 I got a xbox one and gta 5 

I made a mod menu for gta5 pc shortly afterwords 




In 2015 i got back into the online site stuff to upload the mod i created a site called dedogmodz.com 



Later that year the site got hacked and coulnt retrieve it 



In late 2016 i made a new site again and named it dedogmodz.tk / i also started another site for misc stuff called Dedog.cf in 2015 



In jun 19 2017 i got a top hit of 107 downloads in a day


In july 25 2021 i got a top hit of 121 downloads in a day   


 More or less you see how the name dedog started 



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