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         DEDOGMODZ.TK  By dedog


                       Welcome to DEDOGMODZ.TK



we have mods for the following games


Grand Theft Auto SA  


Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto 4


Grand Theft Auto Vice City


Midtown madness 1 & 2   


mods by dedog


Omsi2 Bus Mods 



We also have games on this site 

here is our games available at the moment 



Midtown madness 1


Midtown madness 2



Monster Truck madness 1 (Requested)


Monster Truck madness 2


Crazy taxi


Crazy taxi 2 - Dreamcast emulator 


Crazy taxi 3


Gta 3


Gta vice city


Gta 5 (Needs a Key) 


Offroad road derby racing (requested)


R.B.I baseball


Smashing drive (unavailable at this time)


18 wheeler 



Fast and the Furious 



Drive Nitro 1 (Requested)



Cities In Motion 



Nascar Racing 3 



Motocross Madness 



Mafia 2  



Overcrowd alpha V0.2 



 We currently have no special events or giveaways 




Review our safety report of our files here   






If a game is not working or your having a issue it let me know the problem so your problem can be resolved  


to get hold of me email me at 1234dedes3@gmail.com /  put subject as -  Requestdedog.cf 


 you can also contact me in the Dedog.cf discord server 


post your problem in the #help with dedogmodz.tk site channel 


 discord link   discord.gg/CFcG42EphD 




















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                                                                                                                                   servers for armagetron may not be fully costmized and may not be up all the time

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