The Complete Path embraces both the works of Light and the courageous exploration of the Darkness. This journey seeks to accomplish the Complete Harmonized Self. This is the state in which All parts of the Self have been recruited to work in harmony toward the same goals on the quest for Ascension.


This is the Alchemist's quest to turn base metals into gold. It is the Taoist Immortal. It is the Resurrection Body of Christ. The Perfect Ashlar. The State of Apotheosis. The Seven Level Ziggurat. The Rainbow Body. The Diamond Body. There have been many names for it. It is the state of a Mortal who has attained Immortality.


Most of this work can also be described as Left Hand Path because it navigates both the Light and Darkness from a position of personal power.


This website provides a suggested progression along The Complete Path, including various alternatives depending on your needs and tastes.




The Complete path

Journey of Spiritual Ascension