Brad Gunson grew up outside of Washington DC, but left home to move around in Baltimore, NYC, Philly, LA, and a whole bunch of other places. He has worked in the music world for a while, but has been caught doing even worse things. Sometimes he makes the sad trombone sound or makes a scrunched up rock and roll face or howls at the moon. Sometimes he inspires the young (and young at heart) to also make noise. He got some expensive, fancy papers that say “This guy really knows things about stuff!”. Other times he stands in the front, or in the back, or in the way way back. He has worked for a lot of fat cats. People say all kinds of things about him, but one thing is for sure: He’s amazing at writing bios for websites!

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“Gunson  Roses is the best band name!”

        -John Scofield 

Guitarist, Composer 


“Another promising entry into Station  North’s buzzing young jazz scene.” 

“I'd put some money on his big-band antics being worth the trip”                           


  -Micheal Byrne 

 The Baltimore City Paper 


“Don’t you think people will confuse Gunson Roses with that other band...?”

-Dr. David Schroeder

                                Director of Jazz Studies New York University 


“Brad is versatile, but he’s also excellent at supporting others. This excellence at team play unfailingly colors his compositions and arrangements...but alongside his adept grasp of ensembles, an inward focus on private emotions heavily informs Brad’s composing.”

  -Eliot Caroo m

Journalist, Reporter, Videographer



Regarding Man Versus Band...


“Brad Gunson and Gunson Roses: the same sits right on the borderline of cheesy and brilliant...acknowledge the cheese...It’s the music that matters and Gunson has put together a kickass album of wildly diverse songs. It’s gonna be a packed gig...”


 Baynard Woods 

The Baltimore City Paper 


“The new album rocks...a lot of good moments on this record, really organic, yet organized!”

   Matt O’Brien 

        New Roots 


“Yo Brad,

All of us at Electro-Harmonix are elated you dig our gear and that our pedals are an important component of your wonderful creations.

Also I dig your music. You are one of a minority that appreciates that music is composed of notes and,  just as important, RESTS...and you leave good air in all your music...

Rock n Roll,

Mike Matthews

President of Electro-Harmonix”




Brad Gunson