The Places We Meet


Shakti was born in NYC, it was the perfect launch pad for a Dynamic YogaLife.  In 1977, Shakti picked up and was in love with her first Yoga book.  In 1981, she became a student and disciple of Master Hatha Yogi, Swami Vishnu Devananda completing her initial teachers training course-TTC.  

"The past 40 years have been an absolute blast, it was  just the beginning!  Meeting Amma this past summer in Atlanta and Toronto, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn spiritual and life lessons from another Spiritual Master.  Amma walks the Earth sharing love and wisdom with Humanity.  She has hugged and given Darshan to over 34 million of us Globally-WOW!  I'm sure the next 40 years of my YogaLife will be an even greater adventure, Jai Ma!" smiles Shakti. 

Yoga has taken Shakti to many US Cities covering over 3/4 of America.  Visiting several Caribbean Islands and many exotic places like London, Maui, Paris, Johannesburg, Barbados, Montreal, Bangkok, Brisbane and these are a few places on the 5 Continents where Yoga has taken Shakti.

Shakti has called SW Florida home base since 1990, it is the place she returns after Yoga Adventures take her abroad.  She is always welcomed back with loving arms from her Family of Origin, Spiritual Family, Friends, Students, Clients and any who have partaken of that Shakti Glow. 

Shakti is known to give of her Heart & Soul in service of Humanity with the ease of an unconscious breath. Tell me she says, "Where did you meet Yoga and where has she taken you?"

If by chance you haven't met Yoga, meeting Shakti will more than likely provide you with an unexpected and exciting experience of Yoga. 




Gallery of Photos and Inspiring Words 

Yoga at Happahatchee
Yoga in Nature-Phoenix, Az
Yoga in Nature-Phoenix, Az
Yoga in Nature-Phoenix, Az
Yoga Retreat Bahamas
Yoga Retreat Bahamas
On top of the World-Haleakala Crater, Maui
It looks like another planet
Lemurian Choir, Maui
Spirit Jump
It was Awesome having wings
Mitakuye Oyasin
Spirit Animal
Reiki Healing with Horses
Horse Therapy
Crazy Horse Statue
Redwood HUG
Climbing Higher
Steel Pans in Barbados
Yoga Surfing Raw Food Vacations @
True Balance
Dr Cousens Tree of Life
With David Avocado Wolfe-The Raw Food Guru
Vegan Sushi
Nutrition made easy
Fun Times
With Bikram in Miami
Love is My Religion
Original Teachings
Guru Bhav
Swamiji with his guru Swami Sivananda