Top 5 Ideal 9004 Bulbs for Substitute on the Market


Led light for cars at first, were used as auxiliary lights in tiny lighting components. Currently, their progression has actually achieved extraordinary outcomes. And also making use of LED light bulbs in automobiles is evidence of this. The concept of operation is straightforward: the radiation is carried out by a unique crystal under the influence of specific present stamina. The light can be of any kind of size. It can be conveniently scaled. A benefit in high success as well as a significant source. The downside is that for powerful models, you need a special stabilizer and also for weak options, a limiting resistor. This activity narrows the range of such versions and makes the complex installation.

It needs to claim as soon as possible that in addition to halogen and also LED designs, there are xenon analogs. They are more expensive as well as not yet so usual, so we did not add them to our conditional rating. Please note that the ordinary rates for one light bulb of a specific version presented, however in many cases, you can buy just a set of 2 to 4 items.

[9004 led bulb bright]

1, Evening Laser Vision + 200%.

Of training course, we are talking concerning the brightest 9004 led bulb for the current year. The business has long been making innovative laser innovations that could make use of in the manufacture of automotive light bulbs. The Evening Laser Vision model verifies this due to the fact that it discharges 200 percent extra light.

- Increased source of work;.

- exceptional illumination;.

- beam size;.

- Colour temperature level.

- Brand appeal.

2, Putco 9004 Led Bulbs.

Putco very intense 9004 LED bulbs function based upon SAMSUNG CERAMIC BASE LEDs, which have actually already managed to validate their significance as a result of the distribution of light via 360 levels. At the same time, the chance of the event of dead areas removed. Acquiring such a bulb, the customer gets the opportunity to provide themselves with maximum exposure and the appropriate representation of light from asphalt and other things. Likewise, the advantages of the version include a high level of roadway safety, easy setup, and a source of approximately 30 thousand hours. The bulb operates at an ambient temperature of -40 to +60 degrees. This outcome accomplishes high illumination as much as 2600 lm. The case made from plastic and light weight aluminum.

- LEDs from SAMSUNG;.

- optimum visibility;.

- safety degree;.

- Resource as much as 30,000 hrs.

- Not located.

3, Koito Whitebeam 9004.

The primary charge of the negative from Kioto light bulbs falls on the share of packaging - since the residential customer is not extremely aware of the writing of Oriental countries, spewing in the direction of "Chinese rubbish" is extremely usual. Kioto Whitebeam is almost exceptional Japanese-made halogen light bulbs, for one reason or another disregarding the Russian market pertaining to the translation of the information on the tag. So, as an example, the 125/ 135W indicated in large numbers is not the ranked power, however the equivalent, which recommends that this bulb shines like a 135 W halogen light.

If we discard all the issues with the translation, you can locate that the Koito Whitebeam 9004 is one of minority items that provide a confirmed luminescent flux in both low and also high beam of light fronts lights. There are no voids here: the flow circulation impacts both the road as well as part of the curb, as good sense requires. "Range" is high, but the stream does not blind approaching motorists. The cost, as befits an excellent item, is high, yet longevity is likewise connected to it - the bulbs will last for greater than one season.


- the longevity of work;.

- light whose temperature level is 3700 K;.

- Experienced circulation of a light stream.


- exceptionally unfriendly product packaging for the residential user.

4, PIAA 9004 4300K.

The first place in the rating goes to th PIAA bi-xenon bulb on the 9004 base, which has one really interesting function of hands-on tuning. It contains the following: the typical setting in the nest permits you to accomplish a strictly direct glow - the so-called maximum variety setting. A slight clockwise turning makes changes to this elaborate balance by somewhat reducing the beam to get a clear cut-off line.

There are various other advantages of xenon bulbs, such as fast heating and also getting to rated power, as well as a leveled flicker result. This bulb is another plus in the piggy bank of the version and one more competitive benefit.


- a distinct method for changing the glow range;.

- high-intensity light beam;.

- as much as 800 hrs of ensured operation;.

- No flickering result and also rapidly warm up.

Negative aspects.

- not found.

5, PHILIPS X-treme Vision + 130%.

The leading ten 9004 light bulbs are opened by Philips's New X-treme Vision. Judging by the declaration of the programmer, the model produces 130% even more light contrasted to other light bulbs. Amongst analogs with high light output, this design is one of the most resilient.

- Bright light;.

- checking out angle;.

- quartz glass;.

- Filament.

- Difficult adjustment.