Bubble is a lamp, inspired by a gooseberry avaialble in variety of colours.

The peel of the fruit serves as the basic stand and is made up of coloured polycarbonate.





Lunedi is a caffe set, designed being inspred by peacock. Horns of which helps the user to regulate the flow of the liquid inside the kettle.

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Angeethi: A portable fireplace is designed being inspired from a Volcano. It is an evolved design made after using the conventional angeethis and understanding the basic problems faced by the user. The new design helps generating apt heat with a lesser amount of fuel, avoiding the burnt marks on the floor and one can also use the same appratus in summers as a flower vase.



Door handles have always surprised me with their function and placement on the door.

The same was designed being inspired by the hands of the clock when the time is 10:10


10:10 (Door Handle)

The Platter was designed to get rid of the disturbances one experiences while sharing the food from one plate while sitting face to face of each other. The user often faces hesitation while sharing, moreover the situation becomes worse if the bite he is sharing just splits onto the table.



Once while observing closely an artisan making a 'Tokri', a traditional basket which is use to load construction material or waste and then pass it to other floors on the construction site, I thought of making a seating object with the same bamboo technique, in which an artisan sits inside the basket and weaves the same



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