Ever since Industrial Revolution, human civilization has been involved in consuming natural resources at a rapid pace. The day is not far, when we may have to plant our own man-made flowers, if we keep on destroying environment and flora&fauna around us at the same pace.


Industrial Flower

Kitchenette was designed to particpate in InDia Kitchen design competiion held by 'Domus Academy' in association with 'Veneta Cucine', which won a first prize. 

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A Project done for municipality to improve the condition of smal round-abouts(Gol-Chakkars, as they are known) in Delhi. 



industrial & urban designer

A Chair designed for a wood selling godown, their own material was used upon a broken frame of an old 'Godrej' chair, and was meticulously camouflaged with the surroundings. 




Screw iT

This urban space was designed for a competition 'Premio Lissone' for a municipality of Lissone, Italy. It was inspired from a screw and a nail, as the city is famous for its woodwork. The upper part could also be used as a space for publicity for earning revenue, moreover it was to be designed to withstand any extreme weather and vandalism. 

A steel mesh & wire is used to create shoes of different sizes and designs. The high neck provided it a bit of a character.

These sculptures were done as a part of window dressing of a shoe store.


In someone else's SHOES


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