I am interested in the traditional "big questions" in the philosophy of mind. My work falls into four categories.


Perception: I develop an empirically-based best explanation argument for the intentional view over rivals such as naive realism.


Acquaintance puzzle: On the intentional view, experience involves an acquaintance relation to sensible properties. Neuroscience supports internalism. So our standard "externalist" (e. g. "tracking") models for reducing mind-world relations do not apply to this relation. It is irreducible. 


The sensible properties: The best overall view is that they are neither "in the mind" nor "in the world": they are uninstantiated.


Consciousness first: Conscious acquaintance is not something that must be explained in other terms, but a starting point from which to explain other things (cognition, rationality, value).



Adam Pautz

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