Angelica Sanchez & Omar Tamez



Tierra Mestiza is an ecletic duo that started in 2012. They play a mix of original music, folk music and improvised music.

Some of the composers they explore are Chico, Buarque, Mario Ruiz Armengol,  & Carla Bley to name a few.



“The music of Tierra Mestiza is haunting, dream-like, floating, unsettling yet somewhat calm. This duo works well together, slowly weaving their lines into an unpredictable tapestry. At times they start heading to the outer regions yet always seems to end up in a familiar raft drifting together. "

                       - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG, NYC





Tierra Mestiza at the Vision Festival in Brooklyn, NY

Up Coming Concerts


March 25 - Brooklyn Academy of Music, 8pm, Inside Out Series, Brookyn, NY