Control your children online activities with aile koruma programı indir


Children of current day are becoming internet savvy. They do play games, do math exercises, projects, assignments and all such stuffs via online. When you give a smart phone to your child, you are giving them the world to get access to all sorts of information. But it comes with equal amount of risk as well. The possibilities of gaining knowledge is endless and even the dangers caused are also endless when they immerse completely into it.


But some of them may open the doors of adult content website which parents don’t want their children to see. Now-a-days, the most widely used media for the children to go online is the mobile devices and tablets.


To ensure that your children are making proper use of Android device, you will have to install parental control apps. With this app installed, you will be able to monitor your children online activities and ensure that your child is safe.


What does an aile koruma programi indir do?


There are various family safety apps available, and are also known as aile koruma programı indir (parental control apps). The main task of the app is to provide a framework regarding how to manage internet access. It is available for mobile devices as well as for desktop. Moreover, these apps are installed by the concerned parents having young and teen children.




Let’s have a look at the features of aile koruma programı indir-


  • Logged user accounts


When installed this app on desktop, it supports for individual user accounts for every family member. The logged accounts help in monitoring as well as reporting. Username and password of these accounts should be guarded closely to avoid any sort of mischief. These accounts should be used only by the family members.


  • Content filters


Are you worried about the type of content that your children view online? So to overcome these issues, content filters are used to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content. This might affect in a surprising way, but make sure to take care of it.


  • Usage controls


You can fix time limits on the apps and internet access with the usage controls. With incorporating this type of feature, make sure that you are using proper usage controls to correct accounts.


  • Monitoring and reporting


The entire parental control app should provide the facility of monitoring as well as reporting. After all, this is the best way to keep an eye on your children online activities.