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Landscaping is harmonizing the surroundings according to its function, objective and possibility and as a result there is aesthetic high quality environment. While making a project I respect the nature and the wishes of the customer. The objective is to create environment where people want to spend a lot of time. The wishes and possibilities of the clients are being taken into account, while respecting the existing environment.  I consider a garden to be the continuation of indoors. My priority is to create an environment where people feel harmonized and they would have a wish to spend there as much time as possible. 
















The objective of landscaping in to create aesthetic, functional and easily maintainable environment that is in coherence with the immediate architecture, personality and needs, as well as its interaction with surroundings. All these elements create environment that inspires harmony so that it is pleasant to spend there as much time as possible. 


Author: Agnese Purviņa

Cooperation with :

Year : 2014








Object: Public space, yard of public living building

Author:  Agnese Purviņa

Year :  2008







Object: Public space, yard of public living building located in old town

Author:  Agnese Purviņa

Year :  2012
















Object:  Enviroment art object competition

Author:  Agnese Purviņa

Year :  2011






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Object:  Garden pavilion

Author:  Dace Purviņa 

Year:  2013







Object: Private small space yard 

Author:  Agnese Purviņa

Year :  2011







Object: Private garden

Author:  Agnese Purviņa

Year :  2014







Object: Garden water cascade 

Author:  Agnese Purviņa

Year :  2014