Firefighter Jobs NSW 


The New South Wales area in Australia is one of the well known to have firefighters with high quality services. The fire and rescue companies are the ones responsible for managing fire around the New South Wales area. There are a number of firefighter jobs NSW opportunities, which are open to interested citizens. 

The requirements for the job
In order to be a firefighter NSW, you will need to hold an ACT or HSC year 10, without necessarily having some formal qualifications. The interested persons will then be trained via in-house courses, linked to the job. 

For the applicants that have met the standard prerequisites, they will be taken through several stages of selections. The selection process can entail psychological testing, written tests, medical exams, interviews, National Police Check, referee check and physical ability test. All this will be done to prove that you will be strong enough in the field, especially during fire rescuing. 

For the applicants that have passed all the tests, they will go through a primary training that will take about 13 weeks. When the 13 weeks are over, the applicants will be posted to a specific fire station to undergo study, training and assessment, for a complete training. The entire process to be a legal firefighter in NWS will take a maximum of 3 years. 

Other requirements 
The firefighter jobs NSW are only available to the Australian citizens and anyone who is a permanent resident in Australia. Also, one must hold a Green P2, Provisional drivers licence. For the ACT, you must hold a complete and open drivers licence. In addition, you must have completed an assessment of the heavy vehicle knowledge. Other than the open drivers licence, you may have an open medium rigid drivers licence, in order to qualify. A Provide First Aid Certificate is a must for every applicant. 

What is the job state in NSW?
Technically, the majority of the firefighter jobs NSW is located in Sydney. There are others that are found in tinier cities and towns, offering fire fighting services all across the state. Firefighters that hold the ACT are open to work from anywhere within the New South Wales state. 

Some of the areas that highly employ qualified firefighters are the federal, state and other public institutions. The firefighters are employed as the legal fire prevention officers. For the local governments that are located in the rural areas hire the firefighters to work as bushfire prevention specialists. The recruits are free to advance in their jobs by going through more training.