Approaching NBA 2K16 Games In A Different Manner With The Right Settings

At a first glance, NBA 2K16 will look like a challenge. If you have played this game since the first versions in the '90s, you can probably tell how far it has gone. It is extremely advanced today and more realistic than ever. Sure, switching one version after another will help you adapt a little faster. (Click Here) But if you have skipped a few versions, you will be surprised by how hard it has become. Most newbies naturally assume that they can just go through the manual and learn a little. It helps, but only with the basics. When it comes to particular techniques and tactics, you will need to learn some tricks from more experienced players, but also know what to pay attention to.

There is nothing more exciting than figuring weaknesses and strengths on your own. But in order to get there, you need practice, as well as a few small details and more NBA 2K16 coins. The PlayVision function is one of these details. To most newbies, it looks insignificant. When they go through settings, they mostly deal with the control, speeds and perhaps the volume. However, these settings will easily improve the experience if you know what to look for. So, what does the PlayVision feature do?

Introducing Newbies to the PlayVision Feature

The PlayVision feature may not be too handy if you are an actual basketball player or you coach a team. But if you are not, you probably have no clue what your players keep doing when you switch to others. They run here and there, but they also call for the ball sometimes. As a beginner, you will miss most of these things, only because you have no clue what the team's play is about.

The PlayVision feature is available in the coach settings and will help you figure the play in a more efficient manner. Just because you are new, it does not mean that you should leave those settings unchanged.

Adjusting the PlayVision Feature

The PlayVision feature is off by default. (go to NBA 2K16 coins) This way, the game is easier for beginners. They cannot pay attention to too many things at once, so it will mostly confuse them. Apparently! Turn it on and you will be amazed by how many things you will learn. The PlayVision feature must be set on All Plays. As for the display, choose the full option. Pay special attention to Offense Playcalling and Defense Playcalling. Set them on the auto mode.

The result? Outstanding! Perform these changes and you will see all your players' runs and blocks. You will gain a new perspective over the actual game. You will learn to approach games in a more efficient manner. Keep in mind that NBA 2K16 is a game about flexibility. You have to adapt to every new game. Fail to do so and your techniques will soon become old fashioned. As time goes by and you gain more experience, you will inevitably feel like adjusting those settings even more. But for now, stick to exploring the game and its possibilities.


These settings will easily improve NBA 2K16 coins