Transportation in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has been the most popular game in this whole wide world. There are many interesting things in this game that you will find so fascinating. In order to be a better player, you’ve to be playing this game on a regular basis. There are many missions that you have to play and many objectives that you're going to compete in this game. You will come across many new things, and you'll get to know about many new tactics of this game.


With your game preceding, you'll find that many things are getting unlocked and once you’ve completed every mission, then you'll find yourself fighting different players. There are a number of ways in which you’ve to take some use of transports to move much faster. Here we've listed some best ways of transportation in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Means of Transportation

Well, there are numerous ways of transportation in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You’ve to be smart enough to know all of them. So let us get to it –



So, this is the most basic way that you'll get in this game. You can walk by using the moving buttons on your keyboard. You can even sprint all the way by holding the preferred button. Once Tommy has just started playing the game then you can only sprint for less time. You’ve to be smart while using these sprints with jumps and you can even use guns on the move while on your foot.



Cars are the most efficient way of transportation in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Here listed below are some essential things you should know before getting started –


1. How to get one?

It is effortless to get a car, and you can easily get one on the road. Being a gangster, no one will be able to fight against you to get their car back. Whenever you're around a car that you want to get in, then all you need to do is to click the enter button, and if there is any character inside the car, then you'll automatically kick that out. This will get you into the car, and then you can drive it to any destination.

You can even use your guns by sitting in the vehicle. All you need to do is to make an angle by choosing even left or right, and it will help you to shoot freely. These ways will help you a lot in missions, and as a result, you can win easily.


2. Motorcycles

These are all the same to get in, and you'll find this more interesting, sitting on the top of a two-wheeler feels really awesome. This will help you in many missions as you can use guns efficiently on a bike and you'll get to shoot more angles on a bike. This is very hard to handle, and you’ve to handle it smartly.


This guide from the grandtheftaction site will help you master this game easily.

Sidney Xavier