Want to read some movie reviews? See if that new blockbuster is worth seeing. See if some reviewer out there may speak your pain at an utterly awful film you once watched, or perhaps just explain to you that totally confusing ending it had. Here are some links to just such places that you can do that.


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Movie     Tickets


Looking for a place to buy movie tickets online? Here you will find a list of some places where you can.



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Film     Conventions


Looking for a place to hang out with your movie icons AND like minded film enthusiasts? Here are some cons you could attend.



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In the market to expand you DVD collection. Look here for places to buy.









Dvd     Rentals


Places to rent DVd's




Movie     Streaming     Services


Want to watch movies on your computer, hdmi, or other device? This is your section.


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Film Magnet
A gathering place for people who love film

Film      Forums


Forums to discuss your love of film, favorite films, and the like.


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