The band started out in Summer of 2012 when guitarist, Austin Stewart, reached out to the craigslist community in an effort to start a post-hardcore band. Former drummer of Approaching Autumn, Josh "Shmop" Miller, responded and met up with Austin to talk music. For several months, they wrote songs while searching/trying out several bassists and vocalists to join their project.



  Austin decided to ask high school friend Deven Trull to try out for bass, where he would became a permanent addition shortly after. Vocalist Alex McClain posted an ad on craigslist in July of 2013 in search of a band, where Josh took notice and asked if he could write vocals and record them as a video tryout. Alex was brought out to practice for an actual tryout afterward, and became the band's front man.

   After a few hit and misses with guitarists, Austin talked to one of his college classmates, Ryan Laing, about trying out. It wasn't long before Ryan earned his spot as the band's 2nd guitarist.



  Since then, the band has been actively playing several shows around the Mid-Michigan area making a name for themselves. They have also been recording their debut EP which will release sometime this Spring. Austin has been the primary overseer of recording the EP, while Josh has been accompanying him with effects, synths, and some mastering.