For the Love of



I have always been drawn to animals. The ecologist in me thrives in knowing the role of each animal in fragile and complex ecosystems while the hippie-dippie spiritual side of me loves to indulge in the idea that every animal has a different lesson to teach us and throughout our lives we each have various spirit animals to help us conquer the ups and downs of life. It excites me to paint animals with so much color and vibrance that they can’t help but resonate with the soul. 


The Inspiring



I still can’t believe that today we know more about space than we do our own oceans! I just can’t get enough Blue Planet and I believe anywhere near the ocean is the paradise of all paradise. Whilst living in this beautiful, yet land-locked province the least I can do is paint images of the sea and all of its wonderful creatures. 





Paintings to nourish the soul. To remind us what the driving purpose is in our lives and inspire us to follow our dreams and not be afraid to act with both our mind and our hearts.






A sneak peek into the behind the scenes making of the paintings and all of the layers involved!

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