We provide full-service interpretation services including state-of-the-art translation equipment for projecting the highest level of professionalism and expertise in the language and field you need. Our professional team of simultaneous interpreters ensures the success of your event.  

Event  types


Events range in complexity and format, and RGF adapts to your needs. Whether you require interpreting of a video conference live-streamed into various countries, courtroom or arbitration interpretation, or interpreting for a board of directors meeting, one-on-one business negotiations, field trips or seminars, RGF offers what you need.


Online Training in Different Countries

We offer simultaneous translation to and from any country in the world without your staff having to leave their office.


Liaison Interpreting

Suitable for less formal meetings between a small number of people, or interpreters to escort visitors to a country where they don't speak the language.


1 - 25 + people

Whether you are hosting a factory tour or attending a highly specialized court or arbitration case, we have portable solutions that will deliver crystal clear sound in any of the languages we offer.


1 - 50 + people

Experienced interpreters with over 10 years in the market, prepared to meet any last-minute challenge. Table-top booths, FM transmitters, receivers and control units that will make your  multi-language meeting a success.


50 - 500 + people

Table-top booths, multiple language transmitters and technicians. Professional staff ready to solve any last-minute issue and willing to adapt to your requirements. 

Contact us for a quote on equipment, support, logistics and interpreters. We provide professional, specialized interpreters only, so our voice truly represents yours. Our pricing is always competitive.

San Jose, Costa Rica • Tels: (+506) 2241 3662 / (+506) 8876 6776 • info@rgfglobal.net

San Jose, Costa Rica • Tels: (+506) 2241 3662 / (+506) 8876 6776 • info@rgfglobal.net

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