I have an 8-year old little nugget that I love to the moon and back and I want to give her something special for her upcoming 9th birthday. I was thinking of getting her first necklace but I couldn't wrack my mind on what kind. I searched online and I found a few options but the best one that I found, which I think will also delight her, is a beautiful princess necklace. She is currently experiencing a princess phase in her life due to all the animated series and movies she's watching so I think my gift is going to make her extremely happy on her birthday. Have a look at princess necklace to get more info on this.

The necklace I found is pretty straightforward. It's made of gold with the word "PRINCESS" as a pendant. I've seen many social media posts of girls and ladies wearing this particular style of necklace and I was considering if it would be an appropriate gift to give to an eight-, soon-to-be 9-year old daughter. After consulting with my wife, I acquiesced that it would be a great gift and my daughter is going to love it.


I quickly found a vendor online who is offering the necklace at a reasonable price and promised that it would get to me in 5 working days. The necklace arrived in 4 days and when I inspected it, it is just as the website described it. The chain is slim but durable. The pendant is well-made. From looking at it through my untrained eyes, I can tell a lot of care was spent on creating this piece.


On the day of the party, I placed the necklace in a nice box and wrapped it in a regular gift wrapper. I decided I was going to give it to her after the party when all the guests have left.