Estimated progress


MAP01 - 90%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP02 - 40%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP03 - 20%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP04 - 40%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP05 - 30%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP06 - 50%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP07 - 40%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP08 - 40%

MAP NAME - Unknown

MAP09 - Unknown but still in progress.

MAP10 - Unknown but still in progress.

MAP11 - Maybe


I really don't know yet what is the order in with these maps. This is only estimate to see how it's going.


Most of maps are different themed, i make maps like this, because i get sometimes new ideas and it's very fun make them to maps. I think that too, people like to play in different maps.




Welcome to my blood website. This website idea is to show the progress of my new blood episode called christmas episode. (It's a project name)


Who are you?


I am a dedicated blood player from finland (Nickname: Nyyss0nen) I started play blood in very young age.


Why did you make this site?


It's fun to share people something what you like to do and what they expect the least. I want to be a part of blood and want to make my own episode.


You started make this episode over one year ago, are you lazy?


Yes i'm pretty lazy sometimes. Reason why this takes so much time is about i try to make my best, so it took a little time to get new good ideas add to maps. But i can say, i work hard for this.


Other reasons are, because i got so much other games to play. Like Payday 2, BF Hardline, RS... My steam is full of games. Oh and yes the best thing is i build my own WIN98 computer some time ago! With this old treasure i play many classic dos games.


What things do you like?


I like many things especially girls, beer, video games, sonic the hedgehog and blood game.



So that's all i want to show so far... I don't tell all things i will do, just showing someting...
I will keep original weapons instead new one's i made myself...