Notorious: Real Talk


Yo this film crew spent some time checking out the Notorious crew and made a documentary.  Real stories, real playas, real talk.  Check it.


Epidsode 1:

Union Jack


It ain't always easy starting over.  Union Jack is going thru some struggles coming from the UK to Canada


Episode 2:

Peta Pan


Drinking and going to jail: the only two constants in Peta Pan's life.  But he ain't never goin' back...

Epidsode 3:

Slim Sheeds


Nerdy on stage, but he's a different man when he out on the town.  Slim Sheeds has something the ladies love, even if he don't know what that is.


Epidsode 4:

Lil Payne


What's the real story behind Lil Payne?  There are some rumours swirling round bout him having a baby...


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