Complete Guide to Everything New in World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.3

World of Warcraft is continuously being updated, even more so than other popular online massively multiplayer games. (go to MMOLINK.COM) These updates come through a series of “patches” as they’re known and the release of the latest of those patches is nearly upon us.
In this article, we’ll take a look at everything new introduced in World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.3 and how it changes the game.
Whatever the contents of the patch, many of the game’s core features remain incredibly important, including the use of WOW gold, the in-game currency or the game’s player vs player features. Let’s take a look.
New Time Walking Dungeons
Even for those of you who have already completed all the main story content that the game has to offer, Blizzard are introducing a series of new time walking dungeons in this patch, adding more content for you to explore and play with. This bonus event will allow you to explore some of six revamped iconic dungeons from the game’s past. From Grim Batol to Throne of Tides, you’ll once again be able to take on these iconic foes and reap the rewards of your victory at the end.
What’s more, this new patch gives you the opportunity to loot the infamous Infinite Timereaver mount from any boss in the Time Walker series.
These new time walking dungeons promise to offer a blast to the past for more experienced players and a whole heap of new content for newer players. It’s a great deal all round.
Cross-Realm Raiding
One of the most loved features of World of Warcraft is the ability to play the game with friends and the team at Blizzard are now set to make it even easier for you to so. Introducing Cross-Realm Raiding means that you’ll be able to join friends to fill the last spot in their raiding party.
You can now take on the game’s many difficult boss battles with the help of friends to back you up, making the game much more enjoyable.
Valor Returns as a Currency
World of Warcraft Gold (go to wow gold fast) is the game’s most infamous currency and its most important at that. However, this patch sees the return of the Valor currency that many more experienced players might remember.
This currency can be obtained from special bonus events and raids and can be used to make some pretty special gear and equipment.
Better Item Rewards
Completing a pretty difficult dungeon or raid can be quite rewarding in itself. However, the game’s item rewards can often fall a little under par. With that in mind, Blizzard plan to introduce bigger, better and more useful item rewards. If you win a reward for completing an area of the game, it’s now guaranteed to be better than ever before.
In conclusion, this is one of the biggest patches World of Warcraft has seen in a while. We’re sure we’ll see even more content introduced into the game at Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2015 next month.


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