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|| FEBRUARY 28 th 2015 ||

Hey! Let's celebrate the anniversary of our album "yesterday will not come again" with a free download on bandcamp! So name your price or just enter zero. (Uhu, bad Karma!)


|| NOVEMBER 15 th 2015 ||

Yes, it has become a bit quiet here. We played some single shows in fall but mainly worked on some new stuff, a digital EP which will be released this winter. 

And Matthias is quite busy with his other band LAUSCH. They released their forth album and it's a massive piece of music you really should check out:


We started booking some dates for 2016 by the way so stay tuned!


|| FEBRUARY 26 th  2016 ||

Our new EP has been released. Here's a nice german review: 

You can get our music via

or just check your favorite dealer!


|| AUGUST 24 th  2018 ||

Long time silence here on our site. (Please follow us on facebook, much more activity there!) Put we are happy to announce an upcoming release on november 23rd! 
We've met with buddies from other bands over the last years and worked on a special project, which will be revealed soon.

So stay tuned, more info coming soon!