"Sergeant Pluck himself are doing everything right" -

"Excellent Indie-Rock with with great need for harmony and an immense variety." -


"A massive and independent piece of music! Really great" 


„Wow, this band from Austria is reviving the indie-scene.“


„Progressive, varied, special and catchy, big recommendation!“


„The music of Sergeant Pluck himself seems to be timeless and trendresistant“ -

„A profound indie-album. Thumbs up for Sergeant Pluck Himself!“ -











Sergeant Pluck himself have been consequently working on their conceptof postmodern rockmusic for years. Media and audience prove: The band is creating something new and independent by playing catchy music after all.

Since 2005 there have been released two albums and an EP. The video of their single „LURK“ was on rotation on the Austrian music tv-station GOTV and climbed the TOP3 in several internet-platforms. The new album now again should reach a higher level.

On stage the band has already played with bands like Bakkushan, Bunny Lake, Excuse me Moses and Mediengruppe Telekommander. In 2014 a tour through Austria and the surrounding countries is planned.




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