Czech and Poland Tour 2014


We are living about 15 Kilometers from the Czech border, making music for over 15 years (must be over a century for Jochen). And we never had played a gig with Sgt. Pluck over there before. Was it because our parents did such a great job telling us to be careful with our neighbours? Anyways, it was something to change, so we played some Tetris shoving our equipment into the car which already had become wet (the equipment) due to Josef beeing late and the rain beeing early. 


In Czech Republic they already were overriding their power plants to provide enought energy for our gigs. And they set up some nice detours, to show us the beauty of the country. Arriving in Brno we took a last detour through the pedestrian zone (by car) with people waing at us joyfully (or something else). At Eleven Club our dear friends "Side Effect" and "Broucky" were already enjoying spirits (every Czech's father is burning delighting liquids). We played a heavy show with Matthias destroying his voice right a the first concert like a real professional. 


Next morning we took the car looking for a café, cruising for about half an hour due to Josef's special driving abilitys and needs. But the "Matte Laciato" we got served was worth it. In the meantime the City of Prague prepared a funny law prohibiting us to park in the whole district around the freemasonic club. Anyways we enjoyed the evening with the fellas of "Last of my kind". The soundguy seemed to be Chad Smith, people (again) told us we remind 'em of the Chilli Peppers. We recommended 'em to talk to Chad over there and leave us alone. 


In Uherske Hradiste (Ütschi Brütschi as we called due to our unability to pronounce it correctly) we again met with Side Effect. Also we got introduced to their parents, Papa Hrabal danced like hell and invited us to his family home to stay for the night. We enjoyed the overwhelming hospitality! It was like paradise, Josef plucking cherries, dog Bart chasing rabbits, Matthias and Sir Antony (Side Effect drummer) inventing coated drumsticks (cheaper than changing all the drumheads!!!) and everybody talking about the art of Sheep-fooling. 


At musicbar Jam in Opava we hooked up with our fella Jiri from Fat Old Donald. It turned out the club got double-booked, so the British Hardcore-Band Djevara appeared to join us. When we entered our accomodation for that night, we felt like coming home, as we were sleeping in an old kindergarten with rehearsal rooms. Our studio is inside a former kindergarten too. 


For the last gig we cruised up to Cracow to meet Josefs friend Piotr, an extraordinary nice fella. He took us for some sightseeing through old town and told storys about dragons. Also he joined us at club Schizofrenia, where we were invited to play with the guys from Huta Metalu which turned out to be some kind of school of rock. It had about 50 degrees celsius down there and the crowd somehow managed not to break it's legs and necks on the wet tiled floor.  


We've met such nice people on this trip, that definitely need to come back and we fell in love with Czech Republic and Cracow. Of course we need to hurry with our next tour, cause Jochen is not getting younger and seems not to have much time left. 


THANKs to Side Effect, Last of my kind, Fat Old Donald, Djevara, Piotr, the clubs and the audience!  











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Prague Beach!
Surprisingly visited by Santa
Brno Kindergarten
Hrabal Family!
All this will be yours
Piotr and his hangover-friends