I hope you like your gift, Muds... (you can even put down your secrets- no one will read it.) 
Your friend,

deer diray. (edit showd me how to start it )
helo! my nam iz mud! edit gave me dis book to rite in so i can work on my enlgish riting. plus also i can rite my seekrets. Wait das speld secrets. edit rote dat in da note! i don hav alotta secrets, i usualee say stuff out lood. edit says dat i m gud at speeking my feelins. she also says dat cal-b
is not good at speeking his feelins and dat he cud lern from me.
today iz my firs day on da bote. the watre smeals salty an like fishies. zip maed da bote outta old rolla costas, he sade so.  dere is alotta food heer to. max won tel me were she gots da food but das o k. 
im back. i aate sum of da food. it was bread with jam an turkee. cal-b was playin his hand hold game. i wanded to play to but he said no. 

dear diray. 
we r under the floor in the bote bassment i tink. im skared. edit says itz gonna be o k but zip is skared too. lula was telin max dat the bote is "off corse" beecuz of a storm. im afriad of the flashy lighs and loud sounds. it reminds me of the wite room. dere were scary mens that poked me with sharp tings an did mean tings to me in de wite room. i don like this. 
lula is holdin zips hand and telin him dat its o k. edit an max r tryina steer da bote. mayb cal-b will hold my hand to. 

dear diary. 
i askd cal-b to holde my hand an he said 'o k jus b cuz u you r skared." he has small hands dat are very warm and feel soft. he holded my hand until da rane stopped. it was nice i hope we can hold hands agan. 
dear diary. 
i m on a iland!!!!!!! it iz warm eveen do itz nite time!!! we all puled the bote onto da sand and we r gonna sleep dere tonite. good nite!!!

dear diary, 
zip iz a maze in!!!!! he made beds fo alla us outa trees and nales. he brouht his tools and stuff wit him. itz reely cool! he can build anytin!!!

dear diarie
it is been a long tiem sinse i wrote. may b like a weak or 2. i got pinshd by a krab! but it is o k i for giv tha krab


dear diary. 

cal-b and me got peersings tooday!!!! His niplles hurted a bit after i peersed them, but my ears have rings now!!!