Meet Cal-B!
Name: Calix Jude Burowitz (Max's twin) 
15 years old 
Interests: Bands, hair dye, punk... Everything, skateboarding, video games 



Meet Mud!

Name: ERF0-236 (Named Edmund by the group, later to br called Mud or Muds) 
 ? years 
Interests: "wha' Eva you gus wan' do." 
Known for: being absent minded and happy, Having a horribly distorted accent and raspy voice, and his fairytale-like features (pointy ears, snaggle tooth etc.) 




Meet Lula!

Name: Fiorella 
Age 17 
Interests: surfing, swimming, any sports 
Known for: horrible fashion sense, positive attitude. She's the group's brain. 





Meet Max!

Name: Maxine Rose Burowitz (Cal-B's twin)
15 years 
Interests: Music, Art, solitude, death, anything feline related 
Known for: Perntine Neral ( her black cat), her red ribbon, and her punk-like attitude





Meet Zip!

Name: Zip-Zap (self-named)

16 years old

Interests: Crafts Engineering
Known For: Being able to build anything out if anything, wearing Lula's clothes (and actually getting out of the friend zone with her ), having a high pitched voice and a cute lisp, and being the group'a sweetheart. 





Meet Edit!

Name: Edith Ann Wither 
16 years old 
Interests: music,movies, theatre... And more music 
Known for: Being Momma Bear. She has some mood swings, usually sweet- but vicious when angered, all around badass cutie 


Edit: October 7th

Zip: March 25 (which is also national waffle day- so that was cool...) 

Lula: Febuary 23rd

Mud: We do not know.... But he likes cake! 

Cal-B: March 1st ( 2 minutes after Max) 

Max: March 1st