The world is a place full of horrendous people. Society is at a constant rate of change and adaptation, however in actuality it takes hundreds- maybe thousands of years to truly change. Sometimes, one is put into a position in which everything is against them. They are giving the choice to adapt and change... or to break free. This is the story of how 6 teens lives unfold to then merge together.


Carnie Land was founded in 1945, right after the end of WWII by a small family. Cheaply obtained scrap metal from the overproduction of the war was used to construct it’s ferris wheel, roller coaster, and other attractions. It was however, not a huge success. In less than two years, It was shut down due to poor maintenance and lack of profits. There it sat until 1997, when it was attempted to be restored. However, midway through construction, funding plummeted, and the park was again, abandoned.


In the gift shop, lived a young homeless boy. He thrived in Carnie Land, using all of it’s resources. He had a certain knack for technology, in which he used to rewire the electricity from a nearby building to power his various things ( a heater, microwave etc.) He called himself Zip-Zap, a nickname he’d created as a child because of his love for said electricity. Overtime, he created an adequate house for one, and was able to provide meals for himself by stealing from a large store a couple of blocks down. He occasionally took clothes, electronics and other various items. He lived on his own for 14 years, and quite liked to be by himself. Until one day, he spotted a young girl begging for money, and took her under his wing.


This girl was Fiorella, or otherwise known as Lula. Fiorella lived in an Apartment building in Puerto Rico with a man named Ricardo and his girlfriend, Maribel, or Belle. When, and why he decided to have a foster child was beyond either of the two girls. But, nonetheless, 9 year old Fiorella was sent to live in there.

He was a fairly well-off man. Maybe he wanted a child to be like a servant. No one really knew, but there was a sense of hatred in his eyes. He barely talked to even Belle, let alone Fiorella. He was just sort of there when he was sober. However, he often drank… and the outcome was unbearable for both of the girls.

Belle was Fiorella’s only friend.The girls learned English together so they could communicate without Ricardo knowing what they were saying. Thus forming a strong bond between the two.

One day, Fiorella got a call, informing her that Belle and Ricardo had been in a car accident. Ricardo, who’d been intoxicated at the time, had a few broken bones and a concussion, but would be fine. Belle, however, had taken a fatal blow to the head and died. For the few weeks Ricardo was in the hospital, Fiorella spent her time planning to run away. She dyed her hair blonde and had recreated her identity as a caucasian named Lula. As for the skin tone, she purchased some makeup and packed a bag of her essential belongings, including a picture of Belle, and stole enough money to last her a couple months in a hotel, and a plane ticket for Manhattan, NY. It wasn’t long before she had run out of money, and was forced to beg on the streets. It was hard for her, especially coming from a housed life. Her , her roots grew out, her make-up ran out and her fake identity failed. She was starving when Zip finally found her at age 12.

At first, Zip said that he didn’t want to leave Manhattan. He loved living in Carnie Land by himself. He was sour to Lula when she first appeared, especially when she found it hard to adapt to life with him. He often got fed up with her, and tried to get rid of her. However, he did tend to her needs, and made sure she was at least healthy. Feeling like a burden she decided to distance herself from Zip, starving herself without his help in the process. When Zip found out, his attitude towards her changed, and he did his best to be a friend to the girl. Months later, Zip realized he harbored feelings for her and confessed. She accepted his feelings and returned them.

Footage of Lula on a plane was found, and a search party was sent. This is when Zip and Lula decided to leave society and live together. Lula, currently in hiding, decided that they would be best living on a small isle off the coast of Canada that wasn’t already inhabited. Zip started to make a  small boat out of scrap metal he found around the abandoned theme park, and insulated it with wood. It took him almost 4 years to build, and during this time, they met other people as well.


The twins Maxine (Max) and Calix (Cal-B) Burowitz lived a happy life with a small apartment complex in Ridgewood NJ. That is until their mother, Angelina Burowitz, was murdered. The whole family was devastated, but their father, Ian Burowitz, had it the worst. He spiraled into a deep depression, and lost his mind to grief. He was arrested when he tried to choke Calix, who was 8 at the time. They were sent to live in a children’s home for lack of competent relatives where they befriended a young boy named John who they looked at like a brother. The lady in charge of the place was cruel to the children, often giving them beatings as punishment for being “bad.” One night, John snuck out of his bed to chase a neighborhood cat that he’d been watching. The lady, Ms. Keres, “slapped the boy blue” in the words of Max. Max, already hating the woman, choked her to unconsciousness with a red ribbon she wore in her hair, while Cal-B fled the premise with John. Max followed soon after, with the cat. They had lived off the grid since.

One morning in mid August, the twins woke up to find that John had left. They searched for him for days, and wound up along the shoreline of Manhattan, where they met Lula and Zip.


Edith Anne Withers, or Edit met the gang next in December. {None of her story is disclosed}


“ERF0” was an experiment in cross genetics that was shut down in 1968. However, a small group of scientists illegally continue the project. Sometime near the late 1990’s, Subject ERF0-236 was created by crossing partial wolf genetics with that of humans. He was the first living successful experiment done in their lab. His mind had a proper learning potential almost matching that of normal humans, and his body was fully functional. His was put under many experiments and basically tortured “for the sake of science.” He escaped the lab and was found by Edit three days after. He was almost unable to understand English entirely, but was slowly taught by the group. They gave him the name “Edmund.” However, the best he could say was “Edmud,” so his name became “Mud.”



Together, the group continued the plan to run away to the Eastern Isles of Canada. The boat was finished, along with Raven Bot (meet the characters), and a heater. The boat was packed with plenty of winter jackets and heavy gear, along with clothes, food and other essentials. When they “set sail” their small boat was blown off course, and landed in a small island on the equator in the Atlantic.


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