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You may have heard about microplastics. Maybe you've heard of microbeads, now banned in Canada and the EU. But microfibres, tiny, plastic threads released during the washing of synthetic textiles, are an emerging environmental and public health concern - and represent 94% of all microplastic pollution.


We at PolyGone Technologies are working to capture microfibres before they enter waterways, before the collect pollutants, and before they enter our food. Our unique, combination technology allows for the highest capture rates in straight-forward, easy to use products.











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Stop eating your dirty laundry.





Email: PolyGoneErie@gmail.com


We are located in Velocity Science at the University of Waterloo.

200 University Avenue West,

Waterloo, Ontario

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PolyGone Technologies


1. Add PolyGone Sheet into your washing machine with your laundry. Clean, reuse! Microfibres can be returned to us for discounts on your next purchase.


2. PolyGone Filters can be attached to your washing machine or customized to your industry needs. Keep microfibres out of your products, whether that is wastewater treatment, beer, soda, fish, or drinking water.



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83% of the world's tap water contains microfibres. Save the ocean, save wildlife, and save yourself from pollutant-coated plastics by preventing microfibre emissions.


Microfibres have also been found in seafood, beer, honey, and bottled water. Prevent them from entering your products and keep your clients safe.






Our all-female team is unique and diverse, with interdisciplinary water management backgrounds, social marketing and behaviour change expertise, environmental engineering skills, entrepreneurial hustle, and a long history of environmental advocacy.