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Reflective essay writing involves looking at the achievements, with the aim of analyzing them, as a kind of postmortem operation. Hence, students should utilize their writing skills in an effective manner to reflect upon such experience in an interspersing way, which could catch the attention of the readers. In addition, as the word suggests, this type of essay should be the mirror reflection of the experience that students try to demonstrate in their paper.



In addition...


Students must frame their mental thoughts in such a manner, which would enable them to list different aspects of the experience in a methodological way. For example, if a scientist writes an essay that reflects on his achievement of a new discovery, then the written paper would start from background of the topic of his/her research. This would be followed by the details of laboratory and other tests conducted for achieving the new invention, which has helped making a significant contribution to the research area of the discussed topic. Anyway, if student is struggling with writing an assignment he always can order custom essay from professionals and be sure work will be done at time.









According to, it is essential that students should understand the difference between a reflective essay and an informative essay. While the former would provide record of their experience, the later would be a document that informs the reader about any particular area, object, event or personality. Hence, a reflective essay describing an episode, or experience should essentially contain students’ original thoughts. For example, they could describe any place, which has left an important impact on their mind. Similarly, they could analyze their own personality trait, which has helped them achieve something significant in their life.


However, students should use their innovative and descriptive skills in a logical manner to present an essay that could reflect upon their past or present action. In addition, this essay could be written on any issue, while students should assert their opinion, which could be in the form of the lesson learned from such experience. However, students could also go through writing a 500-word essay to understand the importance of putting their thoughts on paper, in proper manner. Nevertheless, the following guidelines would help students in writing their essay in a well-defined format. However, it is advisable that they also go through classification -essay-outline to understand the techniques required for writing a well-structured essay.



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Essay introduction



Students should give sufficient detail on the subject that they would be describing in the reflective essay body. Reliable writing service Essay Kitchen advises, students could also give their opinion on any shortcoming that they have found during their experience. Hence, this could serve as their answer to the essay topic question. For example, students might find certain discrepancies in getting proper accommodation, while describing their favorite holiday. Accordingly, they need to highlight the negative issues as well, while presenting their solution for the same. Students could go through few essay samples to understand the skills of writing a topic-specific essay. 


Essay body and conclusion


While main body would explain each issue, in detail, the introduction should reaffirm their position, as stated in the introduction of their essay. However, going through reflective essay would help them in framing their thoughts in the proper format.


Analyze your past experience in a reflective essay





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