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Maybe you are writing a paper for your undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree or maybe you are looking to do research for your profession either way, narrowing down the topic of your research can be a difficult task, much tougher than it may seem. When you ask a professor what you should write about they will almost always tell you “write about whatever you like, something that interests you.Well I am here to give you a few ways to narrow down the topic from whatever you like to something you can write a complete, well researched paper on. It can be a tough task so don't afraid to ask help from relibale services like Essay Zoo.










Different types of topics for language research papers






Focus on particular area*


This leads me to my next point find a case study or a particular area of focus once you have discovered something you know of. This may sound hard but it is not as bad as it seems. This is quite easy if you are in a college class, the best way to do that is to take the topic you are interested in, and find a case that relates that topic, to the class you are in. The hyperinflation paper led me to focus in on the case in Zimbabwe, and I had an incredible time learning about the downfall of the Zimbabwe dollar and the monetary policy behind its downfall. The easiest way to do this is to type your area of interest into Google and see what different suggestions come up. Wikipedia also has some great ideas for narrowing your paper, I am not suggesting it as a source, but it allows you to see multiple portions of one large topic. For example if you wanted to do a paper on gangs, you could go to Wikipedia and type in gangs. You could then narrow down to a certain gang, a certain time period, gang actions, or any other number of things.



Final words*


Lastly, research each part of your topic individually and then see how they connect. This will help the flow of your paper immensely. For the gang paper, look at the idea of gangs and research that topic. Then you can look at a particular gang and see how that relates to gangs in general. If you wanted to look at gang signs, look into the idea of a sign and what that really means. The idea of a sign, and the idea of a gang, will give you a good base for looking into the combination that is gang signs. A lot of students and professionals make the mistake of looking strictly at the term “gang signs?€? (staying with our example), but that never gets to the entire meaning and all the research that could be out there on the topic.







Most  important thing for writing*


Something You Know of, Not Something You Know – according to reliable writing service Edu Jungles, first point is the most important for writing a solid, unbiased paper on the topic of your choice. Writing about something you know can have its problems; you already have preconceived notions of the outcome and might not let the research guide your paper. That is where something you know of comes into play. The best papers come from that curiosity you have for something you heard of once or remember very vaguely. These interesting stories lead to interesting research on something that you knew very little about before.

I’ll give you an example, in college I was told to write a paper on international economics. Yes, the topic was that vague. While I could have done something on the Eurozone crisis or the collapse of Wall Street, I remembered the point and decided to focus on something I had heard that sounded interesting – hyperinflation. I knew what inflation was, but not really hyperinflation.