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Custom Essay Writing Service: The Client-Oriented Guarantees EssayWritingService Provides: Customers and students might be nervous about trying a brand new custom essay writing service, but does everything they can to make their customers feel secure. Not only do they give tips that help their customers, but they also run their website in a way that their customers can feel safe with.



Privacy Policy


When it comes to custom essay writing websites, many students are concerned about their privacy. No matter why customers are worried about their privacy, whether it be because they are worried about their payment information or about something else, EssayWritingService does everything they can to ensure their customer’s privacy. only asks the customer about the information necessary to complete their project and to confirm their payment. The website’s privacy policy states “We store personal information for no longer than really have a need to keep it or when it is required by law.” This ensures that the customer’s information is kept as private as possible.





Safety Tips





Along with doing all that they can to secure their customer’s information, EssayWritingService also provides helpful tips to their customers. These tips can help customers be as safe as possible on the essay writing service website.

Most of the safety tips revolve around customers giving their writers as little personal information as possible. Don’t give the writer your phone number, email address, school information, or bank account numbers. While customers need to give their writers information on what to write their essay, dissertation, or another type of assignment, there’s very little else that the writer needs to know in order to complete their assignment.


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Don’t Pay Writers Off-Site


For the above reason, it is best that customers do not give out their personal information to their writers. This includes their payment information. This is because the writers are paid through the website, so there is no reason why the writer needs their payment information. It is also best not to pay writers over wire transfer, PayPal, or through any other payment method as well as for resume writers.



Don’t Give Out School Information



When ordering an assignment from EssayWritingService, you are guaranteed a unique essay, as all of the assignments are made to order, which ensures they are customized. When the project is completed, they will be given to the customer via a file on the website. For this reason, there is no reason for the writer to need any online classroom login information or an email account. Doing so could make student accounts vulnerable, which doesn’t want to happen. strives to do everything they can to make a customer’s information as private as possible. By implementing the safety features outlined in their website’s privacy policy, EssayWritingService ensures their customer’s privacy while using their custom essay writing service. By following the safety tips when working with writers,  customers can be a safe while off of the website as well. hopes that all they do to keep their customer’s information safe, from their privacy policy to their confidentiality policy, will bring new customers to their site, as well as keep old customers coming back for more of their special custom writing services.


Don’t Pay Writers Off-Site


Custom Essay Writing Service: The Client-Oriented Guarantees





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