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One of the first popular cosmetic procedures carried out by the dentist is teeth whitening. The benefit of having a professional guiding you through the process still makes some people feel more comfortable even if it is much more expensive. How Does Dental Office Whitening Work? The dentist's method is much the same as the Home Gel Kit method. Obviously the dentist is well versed in using the method so the moulds should fit exactly. Sometimes a special light will be used to speed up the bleaching process. It may require more than one visit to the dentist office. Check this



Dental surgery teeth whitening is very effective and most people experience dramatic results after the first treatment. The effects can last longer than other whitening methods.




-Supervised by a professional

-Dramatic results

-Quick results


In conclusion


This is a very effective, quick and safe method of teeth whitening but at a price. Some people may say that it is worth it but most opt for the home whitening gel kits.


Teeth Whitening Gel Kits


Teeth whitening kits have become extremely popular recently and rightly so. How Do Teeth Whitening Gel Kits Work?  A unique custom tray is made of your teeth impression. You either use the boil in the water method (this involves the tray being held in the mouth and left to mould and take the impression of your teeth) or sending the impression to the lab for completion. After the tray is made, it is filled with peroxide gel or carbamide gel and then placed into your mouth for a half an hour or so.


Are Teeth Whitening Gel Kits Effective? Teeth whitening kits are incredibly effective. They have been proven in numerous clinical studies to significantly whiten teeth and not damage tooth enamel. What exactly does that mean for you? They work and they're safe. Nearly everyone will notice a difference in the brightness of his or her teeth. The results are even more dramatic with a well-moulded tray.





-Fantastic results

-Long lasting

-Minimal side effects (with custom tray)

-Same results as the dentist office but at a fraction of the cost