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Adriano Caltabiano, under the alias of Sage, has recently released Beardstroke, his quirkily named mixtape. The cover art, a messily drawn bearded man, is fun and compliments Sage's buoyant music. The "parental advisory" stamp is missing (a rare occurrence for Hip Hop albums) to which Sage jokingly explains: "Sage is for the children".

In all seriousness, Beardstroke is not only for the children. The 14track tape lyrically explores, what you could define as all types of themes. The opening track, You're Mine, is a song tainted with slow melancholy singing. It follows with two upbeat tracks, Fruit Shop Blues and Be Free, the latter of which samples Come Together by The Beatles. Sage reflects an American-style rap in A Little Soul, combining a Wu-Tang flavoured beat with a great flow. Rags To Get Rich provides a great musical change with an instrumental, Arabic feel. Beardstroke returns to its thought-provoking theme with the track Tools (One, Two), for which a music video was filmed by Caffeind Films, a duo of aspiring Sydney-based filmmakers (the music video can be seen below).

At only 19, Sage has created a fun, yet thought provoking tape to listen to. Bump it in your car driving through town, or just listen to it on your iPod. In any case, we strongly recommend Beardstroke.

Check out more of Sage's work on Soundcloud, Youtube and Facebook by clicking on the links above this article.


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