There is no word to describe Remi. I am just blown away. The 22 year old rapper from Melbourne is serious stuff. His rhythmic flow and his indie-hip hop boppy beats are seriously addictive. Tyson, the second single from his upcoming debut album RAW X INFINITY is an anthem. It's a party, dancing...just plain insanely great track. With the song, he writes "We hope it makes you get buck-fucking-wild"...and it does. The hook "I'm Tyson" will not leave you're head: it's highly infectious and unique . Remi changes styles completely with Livin. It's a more down-to-earth track: slower, quieter and less layered. But it's simplicity allows Remi to deliver his full potential as a rapper, and it does not disappoint. With Saggin comes the return of the electronic, fast pace music. Remi sounds similar to British rapper Example in this track, losing a bit of his Australian accent. My least favourite out of the three, but that is compensated by Sangria (see video below). This very pointed, brutally honest and simple song reflects all the normal aspects of life (from shampooing your hair to waiting for your train) and renders them all uniquely important.

Remi has released about 10 more tracks. You would be insane to miss these, or to miss his coming debut album - give them a listen, and I promise you will NOT be disappointed. 10/10


Go and check his stuff out on Tumblr., Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud by clicking the links above. You could also get some tracks from BandCamp




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