nonne mc

Nonne MC is a Sydney-based rapper from the Northern Beaches and has always been interested in music, hip hop culture, art and poetry.

His first mixtape release "Ill Chills Volume 1" gained underground exposure when his horrorcore inspired track "It's All in my Head" obtained a place on Off the Record's "Hits from the Song" compilation mix, which printed 10,000 units nationwide and featured in such magazines as Brag, Drum Media, Inpress + many more. Another track off the mixtape "Gotta Be Clever" achieved radio play on FBI.

Because of the overwheleming positive reponse, Nonne began working on his second mixtape "Ill Chills Volume 2", a track of alternative hip hop blended with bizarre lyrical word play. The mictape exceeded on the Triple J Unearthed charts. His track "Wash Away" (which feature Little Hunta of Decypher Us), reached number 1!

Nonne is notorious among his fans for his stunts, tricks and outlandish hi-jinx during performances. He has entertained, suprised and awed his crowds with his unique, out-there stage antics and his alternative hip hop. Nonne has opened for acts such as Diafrix, Pez, Kerser, Miracle, Larykan and numerous underground sydney MC's.

Nonne 's most recent release was the Crop Circles EP (review to come). We're still on the edge of our seat waiting for "Bone Collector" (produced by Pokerbeats who worked with Hilltop Hoods, Kool G Rap) but it should be dropped this year, so patience!



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