Kelbeats is a Melbourne based beat maker and producer. His first EP, Back In The Day, is a heavily Jazz influenced tape. In addition, Kelbeats has made use of French as well as English to convey his message. After the introuctory track, Kelbeats begins his 12 track tape with Green Cherries. This track is upbeat and joyful which features Lady Lash, the finest Aboriginal Australian singer (who features in multiple other tracks of the EP). Sway, also featuring Lady Lash is a slower song, which explores deeper themes. It is followed with the third Interlude which is quite simple, but provides a nice combination of Jazz, Rap and French.  Drogue Forte is the next track, and translates to "strong drug". It features Sobre and Hennjay Heka, both French rappers (Sobre was the voice on Interlude 3). This is a humourous track, with Sobre and Heka employing a lot of French slang and colloquial language. The second last track, Quelles Idees [What Ideas], features Sobre, Heka, Jeune Karn and Ta (see the utube video below). It is a typical French Hip Hop track - speaking about the hardships, monotony and often dark times experienced in everyday life. Back In The Day finishes with Gypsy Lady with Lady Lash on vocals. It is a Bob Marley and Gypsy Kings influenced track, and end the great EP with a boppy bang.

Back In The Day is a refreshing EP. Kelbeats has taken Jazz Rap to another level and suddenly this subgenre becomes much more accessible and easy to listen to. The inclusion of an Aboriginal Australian on many of the vocals, and French artists blows the roof off this unique EP- a must get!!!







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