Ealing is an 18 year old beat maker based in Brisbane. His most recent release is Esoterix, a three track EP which uses instrumental hip hop to create fluid, unique Beat Tape.

Track 1, The Sweetest Pain, is the shortest of them all at only just over two minutes long. Its sci-fi feel and melancholy tone juxtapose against the happy beat creating a multi-layered and very interesting track.

Track 2, Opposites Attract, leans more towards guitar, piano and flute sounding instruments. It keeps the stuttering melacholy growl of The Sweetest Pain. Ealing has sampled well-known Hip Hop songs to break up the smooth beat, causing the listener to focus even more on the feeling of this beat.

Track 3, Time Is A Teacher, is the most up-beat and interesting beat. It uses highpitched instrumentals and voices to contrast the doodling flute sound. A Lorde-style bass beat completes the otherwise joyful track to once again create a melancholy feel.





I would have to choose Time Is A Teacher as my favourite but the other two are definitely worth a listen as well. Check out his work on Twitter or Soundcloud by clicking the links above this article or check out his Offical Page on Wordpress:


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