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Faq (frequently asked questions)


Why Radical Monarchs?

We were inspired by the legacies of social justice movements and the desire to create a space centered on the development of young girls of color. We desire to empower and nurture their strength. In these trying times for our communities of color with histories of struggle and beautiful resilience, this space is rare, necessary and should be celebrated.


How can girls join?

Our pioneering group came together by reaching out to kids and families in our neighborhood. Here in our beloved city of Oakland, CA we were fortunate to garner interest from local parents and friends! In the future, we would love to see the program grow and expand to other cities. We are open to any child who is aligned with our Mission and Vision.


How can I volunteer?

Thank you for your interest and passion! It's great to know so many support our project. Please feel free to ask us how you can stay connected or involved by emailing with "Volunteer" in the subject line. Be specific! Let us know about your interests or expertise that you would like to share with the Radical Brownies.


*Please note we may not be able to accommodate all volunteering requests due to high interest in the program.


Creating other chapters?

We appreciate the interest and we understand the call to start more chapters in different areas! At the moment we are focused on supporting the pioneering group and evolving our programming. We currently have our hands-full with full-time jobs (in the office and in the home with our families) and are involved in other community initiatives; all the while supporting our full chapter of 12 girls. We truly believe in "starting slow to go fast later” and want to take this first year to nurture this project so we can create something sustainable for ourselves and the community.


Why berets?

We are inspired by movements grown by the community; movements that fight for justice for their communities and seek alternative ways to look after and represent themselves. The berets pay homage to the spirits of the Brown Beret and Black Panther movements of the past.


What kind of badges do the girls earn?

For each unit completed in our curriculum the group members earn a badge. Many of the badges earned are custom-made and reflect our social justice and culturally-inclusive values. These include:

● Radical Beauty Badge
● Food Justice Badge
● Radical Self-Love Badge


What else do the girls do?

Our members have a lot of creative ideas around different things they'd like to create, and contribute to their community. Follow us on Facebook to hear what we are up to!


The Radical MONARCHS

(Formerly known as the radical brownies)

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