Nordic Destination - Review

Several events need careful planning and organizing every little detail. This makes a party or any other official and personal event a complete success. If you are planning an event on a big scale like a wedding followed by a reception, sports meet for an office or school or college, a camp for scouts and guides or a military training camp, there will be a need for open area spaces as well as the other necessities for a comfortable time. You may want to check out for more.


One of these necessities will be the arrangement for a bathroom and a toilet. For every event, there is the possibility of a large number of people, guests consisting of both adults and children. There will be a regular and periodic need for the toilets and a bathroom. As a host or an event planner, there is a responsibility to make appropriate provisions for such regular requirements.

Portable Toilets


There are portable toilets that can solve your problems pertaining to arrangements and organizing facilities for your guests and visitors. These are modern toilets and bathroom shower arrangements in state of the art designs that are also completely mobile. They have wheels attached to them that make movements easier. They can be installed anywhere you plan to.


The toilets and bathrooms have full arrangements of toilet and shower facilities on the latest modern trends and designs. There are items like towels, soaps, liquid cleansers that are provided within. Bathroom disinfectants and deodorants are also provided and so are tissues and toilet paper rolls.


There is inbuilt water supply facility that provides the water when you flush the toilets or take a shower. There is also an inbuilt storage 

for the sewerage. It can store up to 7 days sewage for at least about 10 people. There are even the uses of chemical powders in some cases that are added to the sewage disposal bags. This helps to turn the sewage into gel form for convenient storage and disposal.


Apart from toilet facilities, there are also arrangements for shower bathing if it is needed. There are modern fixtures and arrangements that make it easy and comfortable as well.


The companies only undertake the maintenance and cleaning of portable toilets. Depending on the period of your usage, they will come in between and clean the toilets and bathrooms completely. There will be a sanitization and disinfecting the toilets with a fresh supply of all the accessories.