The Ministry of                              ENTERTAINMENT


What is The Ministry of Entertainment?


What is it? Why is it important, or is it? What is ministry? Are you saving souls or making disciples? Is this ministry really effective or just hype? 


Did you know that Jesus taught acting? Did you know that the prophets of the bible have been called God's theater troupe? Did you know that entertainment actually comes out of hospitality?


I cover these and more. What is the purpose of theater, television & film ministry anyway? What does it actually accomplish? How many different ways can a person minister?


If you are an actor, director, producer, business manager, stage manager, stagehand, technician, musician, prop master, designer, costumer... Or involved in any form of Entertainment Ministry, this seminar & workshop is for you.


In these workshops YOU are involved. You give the answers. You share your revelations and insights. You minister. ... The purpose is to focus your attention more on ministry more than technique.






     Denise Joyner is a Television Producer, Videographer and Dramatist. She has ministered for over 25 years. She's started & taught Theater Ministries internationally. Denise has written several plays and books and teaches "Acting 101 for Theater, Television and Film" Workshops. 



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The Ministry of Entertainment


Seminar & Workshop