How to fix the auto disconnection in dota 2

Should you experience auto disconnection at that time of game-play or dota 2 while packing the sport, you would like to learn the resolve this dilemma. You can follow some options that are relevant. There are specific definite values inside the sport options. You're able to acquire those ideals to fix several difficulties. (go to buy dota 2 items) Thus auto config method can be placed by you. Currently open water, and also select properties. Then click set release alternative inside the new window. Remove it, if you discover another release option currently and variety the alright and begin your sport. You should attempt protected release method, if you get disconnected after this method. Transform method affinity. Actually it is not, although this views to be nerdy option.

Method affinity:

Certain times dota 2 does not acquire total potential of the CPU residence and also you don't obtain adequate quantity of power to operate Dota 2. Consequently it crashes. Method affinity can be improved quickly also it provides CPU together with the sport complete power of the processors. You'll desire to click the procedures loss if you're using windows 7, windows XP or vista. Press details loss. Find method dota2exe, select set affinity. You'll view a new screen from there you may select how many processor cores you need to enable dota 2 to avail. Pick all cores observed. Close the job supervisor and examine the dota 2 today. The dota 2 disconnection issue must be fixed by it.


NViidia control panel has lot of visual settings. (go to You should spot suggested settings inside it because of the motive that works correctly for many people. If the suggested environment is not successful, you may try other settings to improve what's effective for you personally. Press the start button, NVidia control cell, select click 3D options, a job. Control 3D settings, pick a software. Uncover installation file, often it is H: place chosen artwork like high performance processor, software, records then click use. Certain times the movie settings have become substantial along with your process can not be ready to carry that, which produces extra heap on the complete program along with the visual card also. Consequently the movie settings should be optimized by you fully based on the requirements. Begin the sport; select movie options, place high quality and lower surface.

Backup process:

Several times dota2 crashes as a result of files that are infected. These could possibly be disconnecting water files or it could be damage dota 2 records. Occur in the steam, go control cell, select uninstall program, don't uninstall fully, install a new copy of the steam. You would like to replicate the dota 2 records to certain additional travel, if you want to be incredibly protected. You can view dota 2 file dota 2 beta. It is the key file that contains every one of the game associated records. It is time to look for the sour supplement if every one of the steps mentioned are inadequate. You would like to uninstall. Match the process by using copy strategy of reinstalling dota 2.