What's New!

  • August 2017: Dave, Tim, and Ben give talks at the first AOS meeting in East Lansing, MI. 
  • May 2017: Alex Cones joins Team Sparrow and will be a PhD student with us in the fall.  
  • December 2016: Britt Heidinger and Dave get a new NSF grant to fund work on stressors and telomeres in sparrows!
  • November 2016: REU Interns Kate and Chelsey publish age swap paper in Animal Behaviour!
  • October 2016: 2nd SQuID short course in Trondheim, Norway.
  • August 2016: Dave, Ariane, Jacqueline and Kat give 5 talks and meet many colleagues at the ISBE meeting in Exeter, UK.
  • July 2016: SQuID publishes first paper in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
  • June 2016: Jacqueline's review of Monogamy and Cooperation is published in TREE. Check it out!
  • Feb. 2016: Jacqueline learns she has been awarded an NSF DDIG grant (18K for 2 years)!

Welcome to my web page. My students and I do research in Behavioral Ecology. Most but not all of us work on social and reproductive behavior in birds. We use a variety of approaches to better understand why animals behave in the ways they do. We observe marked individuals in the field and in captivity, manipulate important variables to test their effects on behavior, and use DNA techniques to better understand the causes and consequences of particular behaviors. Check out our web page and learn more about who we are and what we are doing.


-David F. Westneat




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