Silver Birch - End Hill
Lightening Struck Tree - North Hill
Scots Pine - Table Hill
Rowan - Perseverance Hill


trees of the malverns




I love my local Malvern Hills

and my work reflects this & my walks amongst them.

This series is titled 'Trees of the Malverns.'

For every hill there's a tree...

For every tree there's a walk...

For every walk there's a haiku...

And every pot & plaque has printed on it

the exact GPS location of the tree...

So you can get out there in nature & find it for yourself!


The ceramic transfers on the pieces are from my own photos taken whilst walking on the hills.

There is a pot & a plaque for every tree.

The pieces are made in porcelain paperclay.

The plaques are mounted on painted hardboard &

framed in a reclaimed vintage frame.

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