Trees of the Malverns - Haiku



End Hill – Silver Birch

Solitary Bees

Connecting through the love of trees

Gateway Guardian


North Hill – Lightening-Struck Tree

One Tree All Life

Womb of the Earth Birth

From the darkness there comes light

Old Life New Life


Table Hill – Scots Pine

Searching for a tree

Familiar yet overlooked

Old friends on the path


Sugarloaf Hill – Beech

Beech shrouded in mist

Scattered flowers yellow pink

Old dog slow man smiles


The Beacon – Ash

From the dripping well

Swallows swoop the sacred path

To the tree that lives


Summer Hill – Hawthorn

Hawthorn holds the heart

Secret path on summer hill

Sounds the song of home


Perseverance Hill – Rowan

Walking here was then

Time converges in this place

Memory perseveres


Jubilee Hill – Sycamore

The calling leads on

Ancient tree that bears its scar

True longevity


Pinnacle Hill – Larch

Larch stays evergreen

Scattered ashes memories past

Skylarks soar and sing


Black Hill – Hazel

Woodland encloses

Black hill blackberries ripen

Abundance abounds


British Camp – Holly

Bluebell, violet, sage

The small and particular

Holly hideaway


Hangman’s Hill – Sweet Chestnut

Hangman’s Holloway

Meadow brown in dappled light

Abundance prevails


Swinyard Hill – Elder

Valley of Elder

Hot pink parades through the green

Summer’s passion rises


Midsummer Hill – Apple

Midsummer heatwave

Ancient trees line ancient ways

Power runs these paths


Raggedstone Hill – Oak

Unfamiliar path

Orange markers lead the way

Gateway to the tree


Chase End Hill – Yew

Twisted trunk of Yew

A farewell loving embrace

Woodpecker tapping

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